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The journey in finding that solution to ACNE and other skin blemishes continues. Let’s talk about one of the vitamins and minerals which is really beneficial and that will dramatically improve your skin condition – ZINC!

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Genetics, hormones, diet, fitness, and hygiene are the major causes of not only diseases but a lot of skin disorders too. Whatever it is causing your acne, I strongly believe that they are all connected.

Hopefully, by providing you information, you can pinpoint what exactly is the root cause of your acne and by knowing it, you will be guided of what should be the necessary steps on how to prevent it.

This is the first part of this Vitamin and Mineral Series so make sure to come back and check out the rest of the minerals you should keep an eye on. Part 2 Here – Vitamin D3.

Zinc To Improve




According to WebMD,  “Zinc is a metal. It is called an “essential trace element” because very small amounts of zinc are necessary for human health”.

It is very important in healing our body and the production of healthy new cells. A person with Zinc deficiency will experience severe diarrhea, wounds that take time to heal, hair loss, poor eyesight, lack of libido, and skin diseases such as ACNE, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.

Based on a study, ” Zinc also possesses antioxidant property and has been found useful in preventing UV-induced damage and reducing the incidence of malignancies. It has also been demonstrated to possess antiandrogenic properties

Why Zinc is Important in ACNE

Because zinc has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can really be beneficial in treating acne. Studies show that it can kill acne causing bacteria without developing a resistance.

It is good for an acne prone skin which reacts strongly to bacteria than a normal skin. It helps in regulating the reaction thereby reducing the redness and inflammation. It can prevent whiteheads, blackheads, rosacea and other skin disorder as well.

Where Can I Get Zinc?

You can get it either by taking supplements or getting it from the food we eat. You can also apply it on the skin together with an antibiotic called erythromycin. However, great results been seen when you take it orally.

It is always better to get it from the foods rather than supplements because food provides other essential nutrients and can provide the balance of the nutrients.


Top Zinc Food


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Recommended Dosage

Most people are already getting their zinc’s Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), but for some, it is not met. In fact, acne sufferers are found to be deficient of this important mineral.

The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is 11 mg for men and 8 mg for women. Also, note that the Tolerable Upper Limit (TUL) is 40mg. However, for those who are suffering from ACNE, different studies suggest a higher dosage:

– According to WebMD, “For treating acne: 30-135 mg elemental zinc daily.”

– According to mayoclinic.org, “For acne, doses of 40-300 milligrams of zinc sulfate two or three times daily with or without food have been taken by mouth for 4-12 weeks. 30-200 milligrams of zinc gluconate prior to a meal daily for 2-3 months has also been studied.”

One study says that taking 100mg a day is safe if within a short period of time (2-4month) otherwise, it is no longer beneficial.

Types of Zinc

Elemental zinc is not that easy to be absorbed by our gut so it often attached to a chelating agent for better absorption. That process is called chelation.

Chelated Zinc  has two Main Types

A. Organic Acids

 1. picolinic acid

 2. citric acid

 3. orotic acid

 4. gluconic acid

B.  Amino Acids

 1. methionine

 2. monomethionine

 3. aspartic acid

 Other Forms are Zinc sulfate and Zinc oxide


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It has many types and each one has different levels of absorbability. Research shows different results as to what is the best form for better absorbability but majority suggests that Zinc Picolinate is the winner when it comes to absorbability and it is said to be easier on the stomach too.



While taking zinc seemed to be the answer for Acne, you have to take precautions as well.

  • I recommend taking it after a meal because it can upset your stomach.
  • Some types may also contain cadmium which is toxic.
  • Other nutrients can affect each other’s absorption, such as copper, calcium, and magnesium.  Copper is helpful in getting enough iron thus if you become deficient may cause anemia.
  • It can also interact with other medication, such as aspirin, ibuprofen,  antibiotics, etc.

Be advised that our bodies react differently, and it is always safe to ask your doctor before you experiment with high-dose zinc supplements to treat your acne.   

To set your expectation, it is NOT the only solution to Acne. It is not the be-all and end-all. You have to make sure that you watch what you eat. As I have mentioned in my previous blog,  you need to avoid dairy, processed foods, high carbs and too much sugar.  Also, do not forget to combine it with a skin care regimen such as using low PH products.

Though it may not be the exact solution, a lot of acne sufferers are raving about this mineral because of its potential and could be the last piece of the puzzle.

Goodluck and stay tuned to the next mineral!  >>> Part 2 – Vitamin D3.










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  1. Great blog post. I still get breakouts even though I’m almost 30. I will be adding zinc to my regimen! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon because the blog about my ultimate supplement is coming really really soon… I hope you enjoy the simple and yet effective way to get that smooth skin 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. This was a really good read and i got to learb something new too! Thanks for the insight… very interesting, I’ll be trying this! 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by! I’m glad you liked it. Come back for the next vitamin 🙂

  4. Wow! I never knew this! I’ve been trying to make a more conscious effort about what I put in and on my body and this only validates it

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